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The recent Powerball jackpot led many of us to daydream about what we would do if we ever had lots of money at our disposal.  There are several noble things on my list and at least one purely indulgent one — travel the world.

Thanks to today’s technology, there are ways for me to explore the world without breaking my budget.  One of the coolest websites I’ve come across is Google’s World Wonders Project.  Google has partnered with UNESCO , the World Monuments Fund, and CyArk to photograph some of the most significant places in the world so that “anyone, anywhere can explore them.”  Another goal of the project is to digitally preserve these sites for future generations.  Google provides the Street View technology and UNESCO provides the list of world heritage locations.  The result is a panoramic display of some truly enchanting sites around the world.  You can zoom in, zoom out, and view the images from any direction.  Each display includes information about each site as well as photographs and videos contributed by travelers all over the world.  There are even a few 3D models to choose from.

What can you look forward to finding on this site?  Here are a few examples:

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