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Stephen King is one of my favorite writers. I credit that to finding Night Shift on our family bookcase in high school and devouring it late at night. It was terrifying. Then I discovered The Stand. I was hooked!

I commuted to Indianapolis for graduate school and discovered audiobooks. It was a perfect distraction from the painfully boring drive between Fort Wayne and our state capital — especially on the drive home when there was nothing good on the radio. I listened to many books on tape during that time.

I have now moved on to downloadable audio that you can use through our OverDrive service with your library card. I download audiobooks to my phone and then listen to them as I walk and drive. I still can’t listen at home, though — I get too distracted.

I was absolutely delighted to learn that Stephen King was releasing a new story on audio only, months before the print version comes out. This is certainly not the norm, but an author of his standing can do whatever he wants. 🙂 Here is a nice write-up in the New York Times.

stephen king drunken fireworks

From the author’s Facebook page

Drunken Fireworks was really funny. Hearing the Maine accent, instead of trying to conjure it in your head, is irreplaceable. Tim Sample was the perfect narrator. It was a short story (90 minutes), and well worth the listen.

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