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The Ruin of a Rogue by Miranda Neville and The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy by Julia Quinn

Recently I read two books in a row which had similar themes. In each book we have a deceptive hero who is desperate to trick our heroine into marriage. Authors, pull up a chair. Let’s think about timing. It is the timing of the, “I know what you are up to, you cad!” moment — the moment the heroine discovers the hero’s chicanery that makes alllll the difference between those two books. Because of the timing/placement of the “OMG” moment I liked one book a lot and was very irritated with the other.

Let’s start with Miranda Neville‘s The Ruin of a Rogue. Somehow I missed this book when it was first published in 2013. I don’t know how I did, but I did. Anyway, Marcus, our hero, is a con artist in need of neville money. Of course, you know that means he must find himself a rich heiress, because that’s what heroes do in Romanceland. Enter Anne Brotherton, a kind, smart, plain heroine. He has studied her, he knows what she likes, he knows her hobbies, she is an expert on antiquities, so he studies them in order to talk to her. He even hires someone to nearly run her down with a cart in order to jump out and save her; then he can appear heroic in her eyes. Everything he does is to con her into marriage. He is a Sneaky-Pete.

However, Anne is no dummy. She’s heard the rumors and she’s been warned away from him by her friends. Her big problem — she finds him attractive and starts to fall for him. Then she overhears a conversation between him and one of his friends, and she is the subject of that conversation. So, she’s on to his games — she decides to take revenge. Her revenge is rather funny. She becomes a snot, has him take her (more…)

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Not only spirits but upcoming titles are about to speak. Coming to a store/library near you between February 15 and March 14, 2015. And, remember that is the publishing date, not the date it lands in the library.

Historical romances take place before 1945. A heavy emphasis is placed on the development of a romantic relationship. Subgenres include medievals, American West and regencies.


Katherine Ashe

I Loved a Rogue
Prince Catchers series
February 24


Isabella Bradford

A Sinful Deception
Breconridge Brothers
March 3


Madeline Hunter

His Wicked Reputation
The Wicked series
March 3


Susanna Ives

Wicked, My Love
Wicked Little Secrets series
March 3


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Of course I’m referring to those pesky upcoming books we just cannot be without. Listed below are a few of the new books that will be released mainly between January 15 to February 14, 2015. And, as always, that is the release date, not the date they will be made available at your local library.

Historical romances take place before 1945. A heavy emphasis is placed on the development of a romantic relationship. Subgenres include medievals, American West and regencies.


Lily Dalton

Never Surrender to a Scoundrel
One Scandalous Season series
January 27


Shanna Galen

Earls Just Want to Have Fun
Covent Garden series
February 3


Jillian Hunter

Forbidden to Love the Duke
Fenwick Sisters Affairs
February 3


Sabrina Jeffries

If the Viscount Falls
The Duke’s Men series
January 27


Karen Ranney

In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams
MacIains Trilogy
January 27

Historical Fiction normally takes place before 1945. Focus is on the lives, scandals and issues facing the characters, light emphasis on romance. A large percentage of these stories are fictionalized stories of real people. Phillipa Gregory is a HF author.


Kristin Hannah

The Nightingale
February 3


Heather Webb

Rodin’s Lover
January 27

Contemporary Romance is in modern times; these stories place an emphasis on the development of a romantic relationship. Vary in tone, sensuality and content — may contain light suspense. Settings vary, but most take place in North America.
Mainstream Fiction are usually set in the present day, though occasionally will be set at any time after WWII, and the development of a romantic relationship is not a main focus of the plot. Subgenres include women’s fiction, chick lit, lad lit and literary fiction.


Bella Andre

It Must Be Your Love
Seattle Sullivan series
Contemporary Romance
January 27


Jesse Hayworth

Firelight at Mustang Ridge
Mustang Ridge series
Contemporary Romance
February 3


Jessica Lemmon

Bringing Home the Bad Boy
Love in Balance series
Contemporary Romance
January 27


Cara McKenna

Give It All
Desert Dogs series
Contemporary Romance
February 3


Kate Meader

Hot and Bothered
Hot in the Kitchen series
Contemporary Romance
January 27


Carla Neggers aka Anne Harrell, Amelia James

Echo Lake
Swift River Valley series
Contemporary Romance
January 27


Liza Palmer

Girl Before a Mirror
January 27


Kristen Proby

Falling for Jillian
Big Sky series
Contemporary Romance
January 27


Frances Whiting

Walking on Trampolines
February 3

Mysteries take place in different settings and time periods, but solving a mystery (often, but not always a murder) is the main focus of the plot.
Suspense takes place in all different settings and time periods. Like mysteries, there is a truth to uncover or a criminal to find, but the why is emphasized as opposed to the who. Romance may be included, but is not the focus.
Romantic Suspense places a heavy emphasis on the development of a romantic relationship as jeopardy, lies, deceit and killers often stalk the hero or heroine. The sensuality and violence varies from book to book depending on the author.


Maya Banks aka Sharon Long

In His Keeping
Slow Burn series
Romantic Suspense
January 27


Sara Blaedel

The Forgotten Girls
Louise Rick series
February 3


Jorgen Brekke

Odd Singsaker series
February 10


Frances Brody aka Frances McNeil

A Woman Unknown
Kate Shackleton series
February 10


John Burley

The Forgetting Place
February 20


Kate Carlisle

This Old Homicide
Fixer-Upper series
January 27


Amanda Carmack

Murder in the Queen’s Garden
Elizabethan series
February 3


Kendra Elliot

Callahan and McLane series
Romantic Suspense
January 27


Lisa Gardner aka Alicia Scott

Crash and Burn
Tessa Leoni series
February 3


Tessa Harris

Shadow of the Raven
Dr. Thomas Silkstone series
January 27


Sylvain Reynard

The Raven
Florentine series
Romantic Suspense
February 3


J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts

Obsession in Death
In Death series
February 10


Karen Rose

Closer Than You Think
Cincinnati series
Romantic Suspense
February 3


Rebecca Zanetti

Blind Faith, ebook
Sin Brothers series
Romantic Suspense
January 27

Paranormal Romance takes place in all different settings and time periods. The focus of the plot is on the effect of supernatural or paranormal elements on the characters’ lives as they pursue a romantic relationship. Usually vampire, werewolf, shapeshifters, ghosts involved in romance.
Fantasy takes place in all different settings and time periods. The focus of the plot is primarily on the effect of magical elements on the characters’ lives, often while the characters are on a quest. Some popular themes are historical fantasy, mythical creatures and magical abilities.
Urban Fantasy are most often told in first-person narration. This person has to deal with supernatural and paranormal elements that are incorporated into our own world. The tales usually continue throughout a series rather than being finished in a single book. These novels are most frequently set in contemporary times, often in large urban areas. Strong women are a feature in this genre.


Elizabeth Bear

Karen Memory
Fantasy, Steampunk
February 3


Viola Carr

The Diabolical Miss Hyde
Electric Empire series
Fantasy, Steampunk
February 10


Dakota Cassidy

The Accidental Dragon
Accidentally series
February 3


Christine Feehan

Viper Game
Ghost-Walker series
January 27


Jeaniene Frost

Bound by Flames
Night Prince series
January 27


Yasmine Galenorn

Panther Prowling
Otherworld series
Urban Fantasy
January 27


Lisa Shearin

The Dragon Conspiracy
Supernatural Protection and Investigations series
Urban Fantasy
January 27


Sam Sykes

The City Stained Red
Bring Down Heaven series
January 27


Greg van Eekhout

Pacific Fire
Daniel Blackland Trilogy
January 27


Jaye Wells

Deadly Spells
Prospero’s War series
Urban Fantasy
February 10

Young Adult books generally focus on teenage heroes and heroines and can be part of any subgenre.


Ally Carter

All Fall Down
Embassy Row series
January 20


Gayle Forman

I Was Here
January 27


Jenny Elliott

Save Me, debut
January 6

ya_hand Cynthia Hand
The Last Time We Say Goodbye
February 10

Maureen Johnson

The Shadow Cabinet
Shades of London series
February 10

Erotica takes place in different settings and time periods. The focus of the story is evolves around a variety of sexual exploits and not always is there a “happily ever after.”


Jeffe Kennedy

Under His Touch, ebook
January 19


Dawn Ryder

Filthy Rich
Sequel to Out of Bounds
February 3

Inspirational books take place across many different time periods and genres. Most contain strong religious themes and are mainly Christian. Rarely are sex scenes included in these stories. However, some novels in the subcategories of suspense and thriller may contain some scenes of violence.


Jennifer Beckstrand

Huckleberry Spring
Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill series
January 27


C.E. Laureano

Beneath the Forsaken City
Song of the Seare series
February 1


Nancy Mehl

Deadly Echoes
Finding Sanctuary series
February 3


Shelley Shepard Gray

The Promise of Palm Grove
Amish Brides of Pinecraft series
January 27

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Goodbye 2014. What a year! It certainly seemed to go by fast. During this year we bid a fond farewell to The Romance Reader website. TRR was one of the first romance book review sites to hit the worldwide web. It was an outstanding example of fairness and influenced many present day review sites.

Let’s talk about me. This year I began two projects. One of those projects was to read a debut author every month; somewhere along the line I forgot I was doing that. The other project was to reread old romance book, ones I remember as being the best of the bestist. I dubbed this enterprise the A-Team Project and it is still going strong. In fact, because of my A-Team Project, my 2014 Outstanding list is larger than it would have been.

Farewell. Voices that have been taken from us this year: Aaron Allston, Maya Angelou, Benita Brown, Mary Rogers, Zilpha Keatley Snyder, Mary Stewart, Leslie Thomas, Aimee Thurlo.

Welcome. Some debut authors who have crossed my radar: Sheila Athens, Ann Bennett, Kat Beyer, Elle Daniels, Kaitlyn Davis, Kelly Bowen, Sally Orr, Krassi Zourkova, Ausma Zehanat Khan, Maggie Hall, Catherine Finger, Charlee Fam, Rachel Lacey, Laura Johnston, Sara Raasch, Amy Ewing, Marcus Brotherton, Anouska Knight, Gabriel Weston, Tiffany King, M. P. Cooley, J. C. Nelson, Carrie Stuart Parks, Carolyn Dingman, Rachel Allen, Edoardo Albert, Julia Fierro, Kathryn Ma, Mary Rickert, Downey Greene, S. E. Green, S. R. Savell, A. J. Larrieu, Kate Breslin, Anne Leonard, William Shaw, Patricia Bradley. Congratulations!

Outstanding! These are some of my favorite books of the year — and this year my list is heavily populated with some old classics. In no particular order:
1. Julia RossThe Seduction, 2002
2. Elizabeth BoyleThe Viscount Who Lived Down the Lane
3. Amanda QuickRendezvous, 1991
4. Jennifer Ashley –Rules for a Proper Governess
5. Lisa Kleypas Then Came You, 1993
6. Lisa Kleypas — Devil in Winter, 2006
7. Bettina KrahnBehind Closed Doors, 1991
8. Bettina Krahn — Caught in the Act, 1990
9. Courtney MilanThe Suffragette Scandal
10. Deborah SimmonsThe Last Rogue, 1998
11. Suzanne EnochA Matter of Scandal, 2001
12. Caroline LindenIt Takes a Scandal
13. Meredith DuranFool Me Twice
14. Eloisa JamesThree Weeks with Lady X
15. Mia MarlowePlaid Tidings
16. Joanna BourneThe Spymaster’s Lady
17. Joanna Bourne — The Forbidden Rose
18. Joanna Bourne — Rogue Spy
19. Joanna Bourne — The Black Hawk
20. Elizabeth HoytDarling Beast

Classics! Now for some fore-v-e-r and e-v-e-r golden classics. Instead of putting these on my 2014 Outstanding list, I decided they deserved a list of their own. These books always make me feel good. Even with the passing years and changing language, they remain close to my heart. They also represent what I consider some really fine romance writing. And I will read them again and again.

1. Mary Jo PutneyThe Rake, 1998 (aka The Rake and the Reformer, 1988)
2. Laura London aka Sharon and Tom Curtis – The Windflower, 1984 (happy anniversary!)
3. Loretta ChaseLord of Scoundrels, 1995
4. Judith IvoryThe Proposition, 1988
5. Deborah Simmons – The Vicar’s Daughter, 1995
6. Lisa Kleypas – Dreaming of You, 1994

Disappointing. Disappointing is such an interesting word, don’t you think? We.., I’m about to apply that word to a number of books I read in 2014. The following list contains books I was disappointed in for a variety of reasons. Maybe I had high expectations for a book and they weren’t met. There are also some authors I hold to a higher standard and sometimes they just have bad days. Sometimes I’ve been misled by bombastically glowing reviews only to discover not everyone has the same taste. Of course, maybe just maybe I don’t like it. Maybe the writing is sloppy, the characters cardboard, the hero a bonehead and we have a TSTL heroine. Whatever the reason here is my list of books I was disappointed in this year:

1. Victoria AlexanderThe Shocking Secret of the Guest at the Wedding
2. Elizabeth EssexA Scandal to Remember – short story from Christmas Brides
3. Valerie BowmanIt Happened Under the Mistletoe – short story from Christmas Brides
4. Robert Galbraith The Silkworm
5. Manda CollinsWhy Lords Lose Their Hearts
6. Michele SinclairA Woman Made for Sin
7. Sherry ThomasMy Beautiful Enemy
8. Nancy MartinA Little Night Murder
9. Jude DeverauxThe Black Lyon, 1980 – a wallbanger if ever there was one
10. Miranda NevilleLady Windermere’s Lover
11. Loretta Chase — Vixen in Velvet
12. Louise Allen Scandal’s Virgin
13. Valerie Bowman — The Unexpected Duchess
14. Kasey MichaelsWhat a Hero Dares
15. Madeline HunterThe Counterfeit Mistress
16. Jillian HunterThe Countess Confessions
17. Manda Collins — Why Earls Fall in Love
18. Loretta Chase — The Lions Daughter, 1995
19. Loretta Chase — Captives of the Night, 1994
20. Laura Lee GuhrkeWhen the Marquess Met His Match
Now to the prestigious awards.

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And, here they are again — those wonderful upcoming releases you can hardly wait to get you itchy fingers on! Here are some upcoming stories for November 15 to December 15, 2014. Remember those are the release dates, not the date they will show up at a library near you.

Historical Romances take place before 1945. A heavy emphasis is placed on the development of a romantic relationship. Subgenres include medievals, American West and regencies.


Carol Arens

Outlaw Hunter
November 18


Eileen Dreyer

Twice Tempted
Drakes’ Rakes series
November 25


Rowan Keats

To Kiss A Kilted Warrior,
Claimed by the Highlander series
December 6


Sarah MacLean

Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover
Rules of Scoundrels series
November 25


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Cat Name

Wow — there really IS a quiz for everything.  Everyone who knows me knows that I adore animals but even I laughed when I saw this quiz.  And then I thought to myself — I really should share it with the world.  Because it might just make us reflect on the indignities we place upon our pets.  Maybe.  😉

I welcomed a stray cat into my home two winters ago and it took me a few days to figure out a name that suited her sweet, timid, curious personality.  I suspect that she’s happy that I didn’t have access to this chart at the time — instead of sharing her name with one of my favorite hobbits (Pippin), she would be Princess Pouncey McMittens.  Sigh.  It’s hard to act dignified when your middle name is Pouncey.

*June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month.  My other cat is a former shelter cat and she’s so sweet that she probably wouldn’t have scoffed at Pippin had she landed the unfortunate PPM moniker above.


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Think kids are the only ones looking forward to summer? Think again!  And don’t forget that we have some awesome summer reading programs for your kiddos and teens at the library.  Not to mention Maker Stations.  ‘Cause your library ROCKS — can’t touch this!

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