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The library has purchased a triple-threat database for our card holders to use for free. Lexis-Nexis Library Express will help you research law, research business and find stories from newspapers and news broadcasters.

LexisNexisThe legal part of the database replaces the Westlaw database we had for several years, but it is better in an important way — you can access it from any of our library branches, not just the Main Library as before. You can use it to research legal subjects and also to find particular cases — either by the name(s) of the people in the case or by the formal case number. If the names are common, you might have to wade through several cases, but you can filter by the state or the court jurisdiction. If you have the case number, you can get to it right away, but you need to be careful to type the number exactly in the format they show you.

The business and news arms of the database are even more accessible than the one for law. You can use them from home, work or any other online situation.

For business people, the most exciting thing about Lexis-Nexis is that it has a lot of authoritative information about millions of privately-owned companies. Getting information about the few thousand companies that are publicly traded is common because they have to file public reports, but finding private company information is a challenge that this database now makes easier for you.

The news arm includes stories from thousands of news sources in many languages. While it’s simple to find current news articles on the Internet, Lexis-Nexis also lets you find older ones on subjects important to you from places of interest. Also, importantly, the database lets you identify the source; sometimes on the open Internet, you don’t know where the information was originally published.

To get to the database, go to this page and then scroll down to Lexis-Nexis Library Express under the Business and Finance heading. Again, you can get into the business and news arms from anywhere by inputting your library card number, but you need to be at one of our libraries to do the legal research. If you have questions or feedback, please call our Business, Science & Technology Department at 421-1215.

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