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Mental Floss addresses 38 common spelling and grammar errors in this entertaining video.  I love the tips for remembering which word to use when, BUT someone needs to proofread the captions ahead of time — can you spot the typo?  Oops!

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Sunday Smiles: Beatosu and Goblu

Adrienne Crezo recently wrote an article pointing out the fun people have making up “facts,” either to tease others or to see who’s “borrowing” their research.  Here’s an excerpt:

The official state map of Michigan from 1978 includes a pair of hoax entries designed to irk every football fan in Ohio. The chairman of the State Highway Commission (and Michigan alumnus) had Beatosu and Goblu (“Beat OSU!” and “Go Blue!” to Michigan fans) inserted in the Ohio side of the Michigan-Ohio border. They were removed from later editions, but Goblu was briefly of interest again when it was revealed that Road Pig from G.I. Joe was born there.

Image courtesy of Michigan.gov

As entertaining as I found the story of Beatosu and Goblu, my favorite is #10 on the list.  Check it out and tell me if you agree or disagree.

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One of the five words in the following list is misspelled — do you know which one?

  • broccoli
  • dumbbell
  • lamppost
  • pasttime
  • withhold

Here’s the answer.  Many thanks to Mental Floss for providing so much interesting content!

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Can you name each of the ten U.S. states that lie along the Mississippi River?

Here’s the answer.  Many thanks to Mental Floss for providing such great content!

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