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Holiday music in the air

If you’re a Christmas music lover, ACPL can help with your holiday listening needs.  From secular to sacred, from classic to contemporary, we have a wide array of Christmas music available in two different formats.   You can borrow CDs from the Main Library or any of our 13 branch locations.  You can also download music from home for free using your ACPL library card and Freegal.  Freegal allows the download of five songs per week, so if you begin now, you can have a great playlist built up by Christmas day.  Different selections are available via the two different formats, so be sure to check both options if you’re having trouble finding your favorite song.  Here are some favorites:

Cover image for A Charlie Brown Christmas [sound recording]A Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Guaraldi Trio (On CD)





Cover image for Christmas collection [sound recording]Christmas Collection by The Jackson 5 (On CD)





Cover image for O holy night [sound recording] : Christmas favoritesO Holy Night: Christmas Favorites by David Phelps (On CD)

New Release!




Cover image for Noel [sound recording]Noel by Josh Groban (On CD)





Cover image for Heavenly Christmas [sound recording]Heavenly Christmas by Jackie Evancho (On CD)





Cover image for Christmas In New York [sound recording]Christmas in New York by Renee Felming (On CD)

New Release!




Cover image for What a wonderful time [sound recording]What a Wonderful Time by Yolanda Adams (On CD)





Cover image for Holiday wishes [sound recording]Holiday Wishes by Idina Menzel (On CD)

New Release!





Cover image for One wish [sound recording] : the holiday albumOne Wish by Whitney Houston (On CD)






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Christmas in Rock by Elvis Presley (Via Freegal)







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Image via Amazon.com

Christmas Joy in Latvia by The New York Latvian Concert Choir (Via Freegal)






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Christmas with Soul by James Brown (Via Freegal)







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Wrapped in Red by Kelly Clarkson (Via Freegal)







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A Music Box Christmas by Rita Ford (Via Freegal)

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Get ready for spring

Anyone else tired of cold, snowy weather yet?  Spring won’t officially begin until March 20, and it might be even longer before temperatures rise and the snow all melts away. To hold you over in the meantime, why not check out one of these springtime themed books or CDs?

syndetics-lc Sonoran Desert Spring by John Alcock
The deserts of Arizona may seem a stark place to many, but naturalist John Alcock describes the beauty and wonder of Sonoran Desert plant and animal life in the spring with lyrical prose that brings the beauty of the desert to life.
syndetics-lc Wings of Spring: Courtship, Nesting and Fledging by Chuck Hagner
Gorgeous color photographs illustrate descriptions of springtime activities such as migration patterns and mating habits of dozens of different types of birds.
syndetics-lc My Garden in Spring by E.A. Bowles
Renowned English gardener Edward Bowles wrote this classic in 1914 about his personal garden at Myddelton House near London.
syndetics-lc English Spring
Recorded by the United Kingdom’s oldest orchestra, the Halle, English Spring features music from early twentieth century English composers Arnold Bax, Frederick Delius and Frank Bridge.
syndetics-lc Appalachian Spring
Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring has been an American favorite since its debut in 1944.

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running shoesAfter a couple of years off, I am getting back to running. I had never actually run before in my life, save for that awful required one mile run in high school, until I completed most of the Couch to 5K running plan (C25K) in fall 2010. In the years since then, I had my second child and still weigh almost what I did when I gave birth. I know it’s time to get back to it.

ACPL’s staff wellness committee is sponsoring a C25K challenge, so I’m using that as an opportunity to get running again. C25K is great for easing slowly into exercise, starting the first week with 60-second running intervals, each followed by  walking for 90 seconds.  In the past, I used Robert Ullrey’s C25K podcasts. I like his voiceovers and encouragement, but the music was sorely lacking. So I am using a new app (similar to these) for my phone that has only walk/run voice prompts, but otherwise uses the music on your device.

My playlist was pretty easy to set up, since I have very little music on my phone. I have downloaded songs here and there for free through the library’s Freegal service. Adele was great to run to, and Sara Bareilles’s voice made me want to move, too. But I could not have chosen a better song or timing when my 90-second running interval started just at the point in “Not About Love” when the tempo picks up and carries on like crazy (2:35 in the video below). I love this song. I highly recommend it for general listening, and especially for running!

What songs get you motivated to exercise?

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An affinity for old music

I have an affinity, a fascination, a need for old music. What I refer to as old music may not be what you refer to as old music. My “old music” may be the music of your generation, the music you grew up with while your hair was styled like Farrah Fawcett or David Cassidy and you rocked those platforms and bell bottoms. It, however, is not the music of my generation. I was born in 1979 and a lot of these songs had already had their ride. Folks had moved on and were displaying an enthusiasm for the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, and Michael Jackson. A new era of music was being ushered in, leaving my beloved music in the dust. It may be dawning on you what music I am referring to, what tunes put me in my happy place while simultaneously transporting me somewhere else. Let me enlighten you.

America is hands down one of my favorite groups. Anytime I hear their hit tune Ventura Highway I am no longer in Indiana. Suddenly I am driving down highway 154 in Santa Ynez, California with my best friend Evie. We are heading out to do fun California things like going to the beach, wine tasting, hiking, and relaxing. Now I understand that Ventura Highway is not an actual road in California. But highway 154 has become my Ventura Highway. I hear that very familiar intro and the Santa Ynez Mountains stretch before me. It is getting on to dusk and the sun is lending the road ahead a yellow hue. The sky is cloudless, and full of colors, and I find myself warmed to the very bottom of my soul by the gorgeous scene laid out before me. I am not kidding that every time I hear this song this is what I see. It is very refreshing, especially on a cold, dreary day.  On a side note, I will be seeing America in concert on July 20. I am so excited I can hardly breathe. At least for part of the concert I will not be in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but in California, traveling my Ventura Highway.


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Bring on the banjos!

If you listen to any pop/rock/top 40 radio stations, you’ve probably noticed a marked increase in the number of mandolins hitting the airwaves.  Groups like The Lumineers are winning over fans with infectious group harmonies and strong instrumentation.  Alt-folk-pop, indie-bluegrass-folk … any number of hyphenates have been created to describe the sounds of this new “roots revolution.”  If you’re a fan of the genre – or if you’d like to give it a listen – use the flow chart below to find some musical suggestions.

Avett Brothers - The Carpenter Alabama Shakes - Boys and Girls Mumford and Sons - Babel Of Monsters and Men - My Head is an Animal The Civil Wars - Barton Hollow Bon Iver - Bon Iver Blind Pilot - We Are the Tide The Head and the Heart - The Head and the Heart Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes Image Map

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Music & Memories

Sixteen Candles, Forrest Gump, The Big Chill, Stand by Me, Dirty Dancing, Top Gun. What do these movies have in common, you ask? For me it’s the music. It’s always about the music.  Any time I am channel surfing and come across one of these flicks I am hooked, and it’s because the music makes me feel good. It puts a spring in my step, lightens my mood, and can even transport me to another place and time.

Sixteen CandlesFor instance whenever If You Were Here by the Thompson Twins plays from Sixteen Candles I am eight years old sitting in my sister’s room, getting my hair done. We are listening to her records (yes we had records floating around our house in the 80’s) and I am pretending like I’m 16 and as cool as my big sister, boyfriend and all.

Whenever I hear Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins (Top Gun) I am 11 years old, feeling the wind whip through my hair as I ride my motorcycle to play volleyball with Anthony Edwards and Val Kilmer on the beach, oh wait a minute I got sidetracked. No really I am 10 and am now hanging out with my other sister. We are completely engrossed in a movie we have seen 5,000 times and secretly praying Goose lives this time around.  We are always disappointed (seriously) and end up crying like it’s the first time we watched the movie. It makes me sad just thinking about it.

As I sit here and type I realize these songs not only make up the soundtracks of these movies, but the soundtrack of my life. Dirty Dancing would include elementary school and several slumber parties, Stand by Me junior high and yet another sister, Forrest Gump high school, and The Big Chill college. Yes I realize I was not in college in 1983, but one of my best friends from freshman year introduced me to several fantastic movies, and The Big Chill was one of them. Quite honestly I was hooked from the opening funeral scene when one of the main characters was playing The Rolling Stones’ You Can’t Always Get What You Want on the organ. I was rapt and dazzled. And honestly it still does that for me. (more…)

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Countdown to summerjt is on, and if you start downloading your FREE songs (three per week) from Freegal today, you will have amassed an incredible 36 song playlist for the long and sunny days ahead!  All accessible from the ACPL website.

Top recent downloads via Freegal:

SUMMER JAM (Featuring Florida Georgia Line) Jake Owen

PUSHER LOVE GIRL  Justin Timberlake


ANOTHER WAY TO DIE (James Bond) Jack White & Alicia Keys


YOU CAN’T FIX THIS Sound City – Real To Reel

SWEET NOTHING  Calvin Harris featuring Florence Welch


New popular music available for FREE by One Direction, Mumford & Sons, The Pistol Annies, The Strokes, Cold War Kids, the Glee Cast, and MORE.

Click here to learn more about using Freegal.
Freegal Link on ACPL site
freegal login page

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