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I am finicky when it comes to listening to books on CD.  My experiences are either short-lived or seemingly life-changing.  For me, it starts with a compelling story, typically a true story, then either quickly lives or dies by the reader’s voice and delivery.  The most poignant books I have listened to have been memoirs read by the authors themselves.  And it makes sense, who better to articulate and connect with the words better than the person who penned (and often lived) them?  The emotions are more palpable.

Below are a few recent examples:

just kids

Just Kids, written and read by Patti Smith

Patti’s Jersey accent and thoughtful cadence create a solemnly sincere space. It feels as though you are sipping Nescafé alongside your incredible friend as she recounts her passionate personal endurance of the 1960s.

i remember nothing I Remember Nothing [and Other Reflections], written and read by Nora Ephron

If anyone can make nothings into somethings, it’s writer & producer Nora Ephron. Clear, witty, and relatable, she reads her final book of reflections in a way that I have not soon forgotten.

always looking up Always Looking Up [the Adventures of an Incurable Optimist], written and read by Michael J. Fox

In Michael J. Fox’s voice, you can hear the physical strain of Parkinson’s Disease. Most of all, you hear the relentless enthusiasm that he has for life’s moments, whether they be trials or triumphs since his diagnosis.

If you enjoy listening to authors read the books they have written, fiction or non-fiction, there is a quick way to search for them using our catalog.  In the search box, type “read by the author” (make sure to use quotation marks) and hit return.  Try it: it’s as though you have your own personal bookstore reading, in the comfort of your home or vehicle, that doesn’t end until the book ends!

read by the author screen

read by the author

Don’t forget about the additional option of downloadable audiobooks, and let us know what gems of audiobook performances you find.

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