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Most of the quizzes I share are purely fun, but this one may have a bit more insight to offer.  A bit — I don’t know how much answering a few Either/Or questions can really tell us about ourselves that we don’t already know.

This test takes you through a series of “The following statements apply more to me” pages.  Read each set, decide which set on the page most applies to you, click the link to continue to the next step, and voila!  After four sets of statements, this site will award you with one of sixteen labels and provide you with a few paragraphs summarizing your personality type, as well as a handy list of adjectives for updating your resume or online dating profile!

Disclaimer:  I took the free personality test only.  I enjoyed reading the results, and more importantly, reading the results my friends posted on their Facebook pages.  I was not curious enough about the results from a four-question test to pay for the 90-page Career Profile.  Plus, I already know what I want to do and I’m lucky enough to be doing it!

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