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Even a non-football fan like myself has to acknowledge that Superbowl Sunday is lots of fun.  It’s a great day to spend with friends and family BUT if you run out of Velveeta OR if the game gets so intense that even the commercials can’t lighten things up, the folks at Animal Planet and The Hallmark Channel have just the thing to turn those frowns upside-down.  Animal Planet will treat pet lovers everywhere to the tenth annual Puppy Bowl and The Hallmark Channel is offering us the first ever Kitten Bowl.  While most of my friends and family will be focused on the battle between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, I will be torn between puppies and kittens.


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Many of you were probably watching the Super Bowl last Sunday.  Much to the dismay of my dad, my brothers, and previous boyfriends, I have zero interest in football unless the players are all puppies.  That’s right, puppies.  Since 2005, Animal Planet has been holding the Puppy Bowl, an annual event that mimmicks the Super Bowl.  The puppies score touchdowns when they drag toys into the end zone, get penalties for unnecessary ruffness, and substitute players.  Sounds adorable, right?  It gets BETTER.  How?  Hedgehog cheerleaders, folks — and a kitty half-time show.  Add intrepid hamster pilots providing a “hamster’s eye view” from a blimp and Meep the bird tweeting live and it’s almost perfect.  Almost.  Bunny commentators, anyone?  As in Disapproving Rabbits?

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