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Most of the quizzes I share are purely fun, but this one may have a bit more insight to offer.  A bit — I don’t know how much answering a few Either/Or questions can really tell us about ourselves that we don’t already know.

This test takes you through a series of “The following statements apply more to me” pages.  Read each set, decide which set on the page most applies to you, click the link to continue to the next step, and voila!  After four sets of statements, this site will award you with one of sixteen labels and provide you with a few paragraphs summarizing your personality type, as well as a handy list of adjectives for updating your resume or online dating profile!

Disclaimer:  I took the free personality test only.  I enjoyed reading the results, and more importantly, reading the results my friends posted on their Facebook pages.  I was not curious enough about the results from a four-question test to pay for the 90-page Career Profile.  Plus, I already know what I want to do and I’m lucky enough to be doing it!

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Image courtesy of Galaxy fm flickr page.

July 29 of this year marked the 60th anniversary of publication The Fellowship of the Ring.  To mark the occasion, The Guardian posted this quiz to test our knowledge of the man behind Middle Earth.  It’s a tough quiz!  I answered 8 out 10 correctly — how did you do?

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grammatically speaking

Okay, you know that I love throwing Which Character Are You quizzes your way — it’s possible that I spend a tad too much time trying to figure myself out.   Nah, it’s just fun!  But let’s change things up a bit this week and test our grammar know-how  — I dare you to take this Grammatically Speaking quiz.  And remember — punctuation saves lives!

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I’m not sure what the countless quizzes making the rounds on Facebook really say about us, but here’s another one.  Answer 20 questions and the quiz will guess whether you’re male or female and what age range you fall under.  From what I’ve seen so far, the results are all over the place.

The quiz did correctly guess that I’m female.  It placed me in my mid-thirties and I won’t complain about that 😉 .  However, it also guessed that I had short blonde hair.  Fail.

Guess Who I Am

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Cat Name

Wow — there really IS a quiz for everything.  Everyone who knows me knows that I adore animals but even I laughed when I saw this quiz.  And then I thought to myself — I really should share it with the world.  Because it might just make us reflect on the indignities we place upon our pets.  Maybe.  😉

I welcomed a stray cat into my home two winters ago and it took me a few days to figure out a name that suited her sweet, timid, curious personality.  I suspect that she’s happy that I didn’t have access to this chart at the time — instead of sharing her name with one of my favorite hobbits (Pippin), she would be Princess Pouncey McMittens.  Sigh.  It’s hard to act dignified when your middle name is Pouncey.

*June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month.  My other cat is a former shelter cat and she’s so sweet that she probably wouldn’t have scoffed at Pippin had she landed the unfortunate PPM moniker above.


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Game of Thrones

If, like me, you don’t have HBO at home, you’re probably looking forward to February 24 when Season 3 of Game of Thrones becomes available on dvd.  One more day!  Take this quiz to find out which GoT character you are most similar to.  As the quiz itself says, avoid Joffrey and you can call it a win.  I’m Arya — I’ll just tweak the description to say that “just because you’re a librarian doesn’t mean you can’t handle yourself.”  Who are you?

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Harry Potter characters

To find out which Harry Potter character you are most like, click here.  A Myers-Brigg Type Indicator is part of the quiz and since this type of test is frequently used in team building and leadership training, I’m pretty sure it counts as professional development!  Click on the site’s link to take the test, jot down the relevant letter for each section, and then check the charts to see which character shares the same arrangement of letters.  I’m one of the above characters but I’m not Harry, Hagrid or Hermione.  Don’t tell my brothers or the teasing will never end.  Never.

Knowing which character you are most like and which character you like most are two different things.  If you’re curious as to what your favorite Harry Potter character says about you, click here to see what the HuffPost has to say.  And if Professional Development is on your list of New Year’s Resolutions, give yourself a check mark!  After you share your discoveries in the Comments, of course!

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