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The first hand-held MP3 player in the U.S. was sold by Eiger Labs in August, 1998. $250 bought you 32 MB, or roughly enough storage for eight songs — or one copy of November Rain with bytes to spare.  Now the $20 player you can buy at grocery stores can store 1,000+ songs.  And as of this month, you can start filling your personal digital music device — be it MP3 player, cell phone, or computer — with absolutely free music from Freegal.

If you’ve got a library card from ACPL, then you can get up to three free downloads a week from Freegal.  The tracks are yours to keep — forever.  For more information, you can watch the short video below.

For more fun “first facts,” you can check out a copy of Robertson’s Book of Firsts: Who Did What for the First Time.

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