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Suggested (m)use: U2


So, I finally got around to listening to the new U2, Songs of Innocence, (it took me awhile even though it’s been hanging out on the shelf for a few months) and I’m glad I listened clear to the end.  Here’s why.  I was really only OK with the beginning and began to lose faith in the middle, but then I thought the last three songs or so were pretty solid tracks with some nice overtones of sly artistry.  Sure, U2 will probably remain a band that is a little too “stadium-rock” for me, but it’s hard to mess with a reputation as solid as theirs.  And they’re even nice guys, giving away albums and stuff for free.  Though, evidently, that upsets some of us.

Suggested Use: They say sharing is caring, well, I think this is a great album to put that phrase into action with.  I mean it’s U2, so famous it’s easy to procrastinate on getting around to actually listening to their newest offering but also a band that deserves to be heard, so, loan it, play it at get-togethers, leave it in your car cranked to 11 for the mechanic who’s going to change your oil.  Or even better, if you’ve got an enemy, package your copy up and send it to them in the mail…for free.  I think they’ll get the message loud and clear.

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