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Don't Kiss Me I'm Not Irish

Try as I might, I haven’t found anything quite as much fun for St. Patrick’s Day as the What’s Your Leprechaun Name chart I posted last year.  So, I’m giving you Grumpy Cat — and some quizzes.  If you like trivia and don’t mind a few ads here and there, check out these links:

  • Irish Abroad’s How Irish Are You? Quiz  This site posts a new quiz every week to test and improve your knowledge of Ireland and its people.  Based on my success so far, I’m only sort of Irish!  I think I need to brush up on my Irish trivia for my great-great grandad’s sake.
  • Irish Trivia No quizzes here, but lots of trivia.  Pick your favorite topic, Literature, Music, Sports etc. or go for the General categories and you’ll be ready to rock that Kiss Me, I’m Irish shirt tomorrow!
  • Fun Facts About St. Patrick’s Day  An older post by yours truly.

Top o’ the Day to Ya!

Sprinkles O’Rainbow

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What's your leprechaun name

I found this cool chart on the Pride of the Irish facebook page and almost disregarded it because if I don’t bend the rules, I end up with the name Stumpy O’Rainbow.  Stumpy — but I’m 5’11!  Sigh . . . I am the short one of the family however, so I guess it works.  I much prefer bending the rules though and using my given name, Rebecca, so that I can be Sprinkles O’Rainbow.  Yes, that’s much better!

I shared mine — what’s your leprechaun name?  Feel free to bend the rules — you know a real leprechaun would!

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