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Stonehenge Summer Solstice aston5man via flickr.com

Stonehenge Summer Solstice
aston5man via flickr.com

Pardon me if I get grumpy for the next six months, but winter is coming. Eventually. As a half-empty kind of guy, I see today’s Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere as mainly an assurance that it is going to get darker and darker every day from here until December 21.

Maybe that’s the best thing about spring. It’s in the sunny half of the year, and, as a bonus, there’s more sun each day — clouds notwithstanding. Then summer starts, and it’s all down hill. Except that this year I’m going to cheat and take a summer vacation in the far north. Our plane will arrive in Anchorage at 10:30 p.m. — an hour before sunset. I’m looking forward to seeing what life is like with 19 hours of daylight almost as much as seeing the glaciers and the bears. Sun Lore

Sun worship always made a degree of sense to me, at least compared to worshiping anything else we can see. After all, the ancients were right that without the sun there would be no life. And the first great act of monotheism was Pharoah Akhenaten’s worship of the sun disk.

What’s more, we now know that not only does life’s energy come from the sun, but the very atoms that make up our planet and our bodies came from the long-ago destruction of other stars. Our moods, our food, our mobility, our safety — so much that we enjoy is enhanced by sunlight. Undoubtedly there are evolutionary reasons why life without darkness would turn out to have its problems; I’ve read that the hotels in Alaska have super-thick bedroom curtains. Still, I’m thinking it would be fun to live a year as a real American snowbird — summer in Barrow, winter in Ushuaia. I might come out dazed and confused, but at least I could say I’d seen the light.

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