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Once upon a time…

There was an author who wrote some masterful romance books. Then she became one of those “whatever happened to…” authors. Judith Ivory, aka Judy Cuevas, wrote nine novels between the ivoryyears 1988 and 2006. I haven’t read all of her books, but the ones I’ve read are just a little bit different from standard, rushed, current romance novels. They are a little richer, a little fuller, and a lot distinctive. Then Ms. Ivory vanished from the writing world. There are Internet rumors of divorce and health issues, even a rumor of her writing under the name of Laura Florand. (The Florand rumor is untrue – Ms. Florand appears to be a tiny bit younger than Ms. Ivory and she seems to be proving herself a remarkable author under her own name.) After rereading The Proposition, I realized just what a wonderful voice Romanceland is missing. If any of you have never had the privilege of reading one of Judith Ivory’s books, I suggest you begin with The Proposition — 1999. What a pleasure it was to read this story again.

The Proposition is based on the Pygmalion myth which George Bernard Shaw used for his play Pygmalion and which was later was used for the musical My Fair Lady. Occasionally I was reminded of Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, especially the twin brother characters. In this case, Edwina/Winnie, our heroine, is Henry Higgins and Mick, our hero, is the Eliza Doolittle character, so there is a bit of role reversal.

Let’s begin with the main characters, starting with the heroine, Edwina/Winnie. Winnie is one sharp cookie; she’s adopted her father’s linguistic skills and from that extremely talented expertise she has managed to eke out a living. While she is a strong woman, she also has some weaknesses. She is almost six feet (more…)

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