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Hey Once Upon a Time fans!  What are you doing tonight at 8/7c?  Will you be sitting on the edge of your seat, anxious to see what the return of magic means to the folks of Storybrooke?  Are you hoping against hope that the writers at abc will finally reveal just who the heck Dr. Whale really is?

Before you sit down on the sofa with your mug of hot chocolate sprinkled with cinnamon, take this quiz and find out just how well you know the heroes of Storybrooke.

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One of the five words in the following list is misspelled — do you know which one?

  • broccoli
  • dumbbell
  • lamppost
  • pasttime
  • withhold

Here’s the answer.  Many thanks to Mental Floss for providing so much interesting content!

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Can you name each of the ten U.S. states that lie along the Mississippi River?

Here’s the answer.  Many thanks to Mental Floss for providing such great content!

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I’ve been a Hoosier most of my life, although I did cross the state line for a few years to become a Buckeye.  Most people from Massachusetts go by the name Bay Staters, while many from Connecticut go by the name Nutmeggers.  Here are a few other demonyms — can you guess which locale they are paired with?  Click here for the answers.

  • Sand Cutters
  • Muskrats
  • Sand-hillers
  • Hawkeyes
  • Jayhawkers
  • Cornhuskers
  • Tar Heels
  • Sooners
  • Sand Lappers
  • Butternuts

Intrigued?  Check out Paul Dickons’ Labels for locals:  what to call people from Abilene to Zimbabwe.  Which nicknames do you find most bizarre?

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We all know the rule “i before e except after c”, right?  We also know that there’s an exception to every rule.  Only one of the following words is misspelled.  Can you spot it?


Think you know the answer?  Click here.  Thanks to Mental Floss for providing such great content!  In addition to short spelling quizzes, this site also provides fun Amazing Facts, Trivia and Articles.

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  • St. Patrick’s given name was Maewyn Succat; he was born in Britain and he wasn’t always a Christian.  Kidnapped and sold into slavery in Ireland when he was 16, it’s believed that he formed his religious beliefs during this time.  After escaping back to England, he became ordained as a priest and then returned to Ireland to convert the Celts to Christianity.
  • Shamrocks have long been associated with St. Patrick because legend has it that he used a three-leaved clover or shamrock to explain the concept of The Holy Trinity – The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit – and how they could all exist as separate elements of the same entity.
  • Why do we wear green?  Most sources credit the shamrock: St. Patrick’s followers adopted the custom of wearing a shamrock on his feast day, which led to the phrase and later the song “the wearing of the green“.  As going all-out-green seems to be a U.S. tradition, there’s also the possibility that those of us wishing to become Irish for the day have chosen the green of the Irish flag to express our Irishness.  Superstition may also play a part — word on the street is that if you wear green a leprechaun can’t see you, but if you don’t wear green he’ll see you and pinch you.
  • Where does the saying “Kiss me, I’m Irish” come from?  This one’s a bit tricky to nail down but the consensus seems to be that kissing the Blarney Stone brings you good luck, but if you can’t kiss the Blarney Stone, the next best thing is to kiss an Irish person.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shona dhuit/dhaoibh or Lá le Pádraig dhuit/dhaoibh

(Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!)

For Further Reading:  Discover Ireland, Basic Irish Language, Maewn Succat

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Adam Ant, Flea, Meat Loaf . . . most likely, these aren’t the names these musicians were born with.  Can you match the artist’s stage name with his or her given name?

Take Our Quiz!

Answers appear at the end of the survey. For a bit of fun, use the Rock Star Name Generator to see what your name could be.  My name would be Piper Ambrose — I think I could pull it off.  The singing however, is another story . . . .

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