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I love to read books in a series. A few of my favorites are The Spellmans, Stephanie Plum, Anna Pigeon, Shannara, Wheel of Time and Song of Ice and Fire.  Because I read so many, it’s sometimes a challenge to keep track of new additions.  I’ve posted before about KDL’s What’s Next database and it is an excellent resource if you just want to check the reading order for books in a series.  That said, I have recently discovered a site that takes readers’ advisory to the next level:  FictFact.  FictFact was created by series-lovers for series-lovers.  What do I love about this website?

  • Free email notification when new books in a favorite series are released
  • Simple listing of titles in a series — in the correct order
  • Easily browsable
  • Recommendations for similar series

In order to receive the free email notification, you do have to create an account, but it’s free.  If you simply want to browse the lists, you can do so without creating an account – just use the search box in the upper right-hand corner.  If you want to connect with other series-lovers, however, check the bottom of the series description page for a list of members currently following the series.

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Thanks to the folks at the Kent District Library in Kent County, Michigan, there’s an easy way to find out which book comes next in a series.  They’ve  created every fiction reader’s dream database, What’s Next , and you can search it free of charge.  Do you like James Patterson?  If you search by author, the first results page you receive will display his name in bold print — you’re looking for the little box just in front of his name, the one with the + inside.
Click on the + and you’ll discover that Patterson has eight series to his credit (so far, anyway!).
As with the first results page, you’ll notice that each series name is preceded by a box with a + inside;  to see a list of books within a series, click on the + .  For example, let’s look at Alex Cross.  How awesome is this?  There’s even a Printer Friendly option.
In addition to author, you can also search by series or title.  On the off chance you come across a series KDL has missed, just give us a call at 421-1200 or send us an email at ask@acpl.info:  we have a few other tricks up our sleeve to find the information you’re looking for.  You know what they say:  when you absolutely, positively have to know, ask a librarian!

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